That statement, “Get off the sofa if you want results”, could apply to many things. From getting off your backside to do some exercise to keeping your house clean, there are lots of applications of this phrase. And guess what? They’re all true.

Since just before the start of the year I’ve been working on writing my book to help entrepreneurs like you get results from their websites, and guess what? I’ve had to get off the sofa to be able to do that. I’ve swapped at least one hour of TV time each night for a seat at my computer and have banged away at the keyboard, always with my goal in mind. I’ve written eBooks in the past and those can take up a lot of time if they’re more than a few pages, but writing a book mostly full of words not pictures is quite a challenge.

To track how much time I’ve been spending on this project, I’ve been using a free time-management tool called Toggl. You click to start the timer when you sit down to write and click again to end the session. It cleverly tots up your week’s effort and sends you a report on how you did. In total I’ve found that I’m spending around 15 hours a week on various projects at the computer, with around 7-8 hours of that being on my book.

Get off the sofa if you want results - toggle report

Do I wish I could get my book finished faster? Yes. Are there more than 24 hours in a day? No. And seeing as I work full time, help care for my mum and have other projects on the go too, I’m happy with this amount of progress. Slow & steady wins the race.

My book is currently at 33,288 words, which is around 90 pages at the 6 x 9 inch size I’ve decided upon. The numbers are looking good as I’m around half way done with the writing and I was hoping for around 200-220 pages of print. On schedule, on target, all good 🙂

The point here is that if you want something, you have to get off your arse, stop doing that mindless activity you get sucked into, whether it be TV, Facebook, gaming, whatever. If you’ve got your heart set on something, only you can make it happen and it certainly won’t happen without effort.

What are you going to get done today?

10 minutes from now you could have finished reading a free chapter from my upcoming book, so why not do that right now? You never know, you might even learn something that will help your business. In fact, I know you will.

Download the free chapter here.

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