Who’d have thought that I’d be writing a book again?

If you’ve known me for a while you’ll know that in 2012, I published an eBook, “Easy Tasty Clean”, a clean eating recipe book that went on to sell a few hundred copies and give me the initial bug for eBook design.

Fast forward three years and I’m just starting my journey to write my second book – this time a business book. I aim to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses to get online, with the confidence that they know what’s involved in website design and implementation, what they need to include on their site for maximum potential for success and what they can do to give their customers and clients the best possible experience.

As a working title for my writings, I’m using “Get On T’Internet”, which if you’re familiar with comedian, Peter Kaye, you will understand as a parody of a typical luddite, stuck in the past, far from familiar with modern technology. Get On T’Internet is intended to help people who don’t know the first thing about websites but want to take their business to the next level. It’s also perfect for those who already have a website but have struggled with the ins and outs of website design or have failed to get the results (sales, customers) they hoped it would bring.

The process of writing this book is going to be fairly straight forward (I hope!), as I have signed up for Vicky Fraser’s ‘Published in 90 Days’ book writing course. If you don’t know Vicky Fraser, she is a copywriting guru and a down-to-earth soul who delivers straight-talking no-nonsense advice on marketing, writing and business topics. If you’d like to get to know her for what she’s good at (and I’m not talking about her circus exploits!), sign up for her ‘49 Ideas‘ email sequence – it could make all the difference to your business if you ever put fingers to keyboard to your customers.

Anyway, I digress…

This week is my first week on Vicky’s course and it’s been quite intense I tell you! After watching the 7 videos in module 1, here’s some of the tasks I’ve been progressing:

  • Creating my ideal customer’s avatar so I’m clear who I’m writing the book for
  • Performing some research into what problems my clients have (you can fill in my survey by clicking here if you wouldn’t mind helping me out with this!)
  • Creating a website and blog to use for marketing the book (clue: you’re on it now!)
  • Creating a free download that I can exchange for an email address, so I can follow up with ideas from the book and continue to build interest
  • Getting together ideas for my book’s cover, so that I can tie in the colours I use on the website with those used on the book later on
  • Creating a list of topics for the book, a bit like a table of contents, so I have all my subjects laid out – this has been tricky as there’s so much I want to write about!

I was debating whether to show you where I’m up to with my front cover designs, but as I’m sharing my complete journey with you from start to finish, I thought why the hell not!

So here is the very first draft of some ideas for the cover. The title will most likely NOT be Get On T’Internet but the design and the principles behind the ideas mentioned on the cover will stand.

Which best stands out to you?


You may have guessed that I’m leaning towards the top right design, due to the prominence of red and yellow on this blog… but that could all change at the drop of a hat.

I’m also looking into getting an avatar picture of myself made to go on the cover instead of the girl, as I want to make sure it’s ME that people get to know. It’s my expertise going into the book so this might be the way to go if I can get one drawn. Luckily I know someone who does this for a living so fingers crossed she will oblige…!

That’s it for week 1!

In week 2 I think we get down to some writing, which will be exciting and a little bit scary. I really want to get this right for those reading it so I am praying for a flush of inspiration!

Please leave me a comment with any ideas you’d like me to include in the book or what you think of my cover designs.


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