Have you ever been sat at your computer, minding your own business, working away quite happily, then all of a sudden you catch yourself and think, “Flipping heck!”?

I did that last week. Multiple times.

It’s week 4 of writing my book about websites for entrepreneurs and finally I’m starting to see my content fill out nicely. One of the best things about writing this book is that I get to do a complete brain dump of all the juicy website information that’s been whirring around my head for years. With so much to tell you, I’ve gone from skeleton outline to fleshy chapters of website goodness relatively quickly. And it feels great!

The introduction and first few chapters that I’ve written have been reviewed by a handful of people and the feedback is excellent. Just the odd typo and a couple of things needing a little extra explanation, so I’m chuffed it’s going so well. I’d better thank my hubby, Steve for being my main reviewer and also my dad and a couple of colleagues at work, Sarah and Dave. An extra thanks to Dave for the paragraphs marked as “Good!”, in true school teacher style.

This week I also shifted the focus of my Instagram account from marketing with Instagram to websites for entrepreneurs. I think I always knew I would do this as although I love Instagram and what it can do for businesses, I know that the sales don’t happen right within Instagram but on your website instead. And with my background in web design, it was only a matter of time before I hopped back over to what I’m best at.

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Next week… a lesson in landing pages and building my platform ready for the hungry crowds. See you then.



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