When Is The Right Time To Start A Home Business?

That’s the million dollar question. Or is it? Ask yourself this… has the time ever been right in the past? I’m guessing not, else you wouldn’t still be wondering now and reading this here.

So let’s look at some of the common ‘reasons’ (often used as excuses) that stop people jumping into a home business:

  1. Money
  2. Time
  3. Experience

Let’s examine these in turn.


Most of us have limited income, yet we still manage to go on holiday or pay for a new TV and so on. So ask yourself if money really is tight, or are you just not yet committed enough to choose to spend that spare money on making a better life for yourself and your family? When you see an opportunity that appeals to you, you will easily make the decision to invest in future.

The question might actually be, can you afford NOT to start your home business now?


You’re busy, I get it. I was too. Before I got into home business I was already packing my spare time with doing bits of work for other people – producing marketing materials, websites, photography etc – and I didn’t have more than an hour, maybe two, to myself each day for relaxation/exercise/tv/reading etc.

So why did I get into running a home business? It wasn’t so I could take on even more work that’s for sure but equally, I knew I wasn’t afraid of hard work either.

I knew that instead of spending my time helping others succeed, what I REALLY wanted was to have that success for myself. I wanted to be the lead actor in the play, not the stage hand, so to speak. I wanted greater reward for my efforts – monetary and otherwise.

So ask yourself – could you use your time better? Could you rearrange a couple of things in your life, or remove some pointless activities (like endlessly scrolling through your Facebook feed!), and instead make room for a bit of business on the side? I bet you could if you chose to.


I was highly inexperienced in home business and in internet marketing at the point I took the leap and joined the business I’m now involved with. I wasn’t sure I could do it and wondered if I would just spend the money to get started and then fail right off the bat, but what I was sure of is that I was damn sure going to give it a try!

As it turned out, by joining the team I did, I couldn’t have wished for more support, training and tools, which all enabled me to run my home business in a much more confident manner than I previously believed. If you make sure you are going to be well-equipped and are willing to learn and apply that learning, you have the absolute best chance of success!

Experience can be gained on the job, so this is never a reason not to start. It might just take you a little longer than your more experienced colleagues to progress. But once you do ‘get it’, you will be flying and will love the feeling of success!


There is never a perfect time to dive into your home business. We can always come up with an excuse not to start. The right time is always right now.

If not now… when?

If you are still looking to the above 3 points and using them as ‘reasons’ (excuses) not to, then home business is just not for you. However, if you’re willing to take a risk and gain the possibility of changing your life for the better forever, then you’re half way to succeeding. Take that final leap, it’s worth it!

Here’s to you and and your new home business!



If you would like to learn more about the home business that I chose to get involved with, I have a special page set up where you can learn more about it – click here.

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