How To Use The Anchor App To Get To Know Your Audience (and vice versa)

If you’re not on Anchor yet but you have a business where you’re want to become known as an expert in your field, you need to get this now.

Anchor feels like a cross between a podcast and a blog post. You only get 2 minutes to record a message, so there’s no need to stress about filling a whole 30 minute podcast with content, but that’s just about long enough to get a message, tip or question out there, ready for your followers to comment on your message by adding a recorded reply.

Here’s one I recorded just for you earlier… (will you leave me a reply?)

If we go back to marketing basics, your goal is to help and share information so that people get to know, like and trust you. And using Anchor can fast track this process hugely. How many emails do you get in your inbox where you feel like you don’t really know the person sending it, and don’t feel a great affinity towards them. These are the types of email, if you’re like me, that you probably unsubscribe from.

But put yourself into another dimension, give those who are curious about you another way to get to know you, and you could find yourself doing lots more business with lots more people.

When people click on your Anchor profile they can see a short bio and a link to your website, similar to how Twitter operates, so it’s yet another place you can utilise to get people off their apps and onto your website, giving you the chance to get them onto your list.

Your Anchor recordings can be shared on Twitter with a single tap, providing another set of followers immediate access to your sound bites. And as you can see above, you can also embed Anchors into your web page, which is great for those who would rather listen than read.

Sharing Anchor clips can set you apart from your competitors, just like its recent predecessors Blab and Periscope have, so my advice would be to get on the Anchor bandwagon ASAP and see where it leads you.

If you didn’t listen to my clip above yet, please do so! Will you do me a favour and show me some love by leaving a quick reply? Then you won’t be an Anchor virgin anymore.

Thanks 🙂

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