Even though we hear of the many benefits of email marketing, one thing that can put some people off is the cost. I mean, who wants to pay money out every month if you only have a handful of subscribers (most of those being friends and family!) or if you don’t yet have a product or service to sell?

Well now there’s no excuse. MailChimp are now offering free email automation to all users, even those on the free plan.

Using an automated email sequence after someone signs up to your list is a great way to ensure you deliver useful content consistently, and allow subscribers to learn more about you, your business and what you offer.

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So if you were on the fence about email marketing before, why not flick to chapter 11 of my book and refresh yourself of the benefits and my tips on creating emails your subscribers will love. Then head on over to MailChimp.com and get started today.

I already made the switch back to MailChimp last month, so I was happy to hear this announcement too! 🙂

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