Feeling Like An Imposter?

Have you heard of Imposter Syndrome?

Apparently, people all over the world have it.

This phrase has come up three times in the last day in various places for me, so it was time for me to investigate what on earth it was all about.

I know any time I put out something new into the world, whether that’s a blog post, a new website, even an email, I always wonder if what I’ve created is good enough, whether people think I’m up to the job, or whether they’ll think I’m… an imposter!!!

If you’ve ever suffered from this type of lack of confidence, you may have it too, but there’s good news – you’re definitely not alone, and it can be overcome!

There’s evidence it happens a lot to creative types. Maybe this is because we mostly work in the isolated comfort of our own space, but when it’s time to show off our work to the world… eek… the self-doubt creeps in as we get other people’s eyes and ears on our work.

There are strategies you can put in place to overcome this. The one I like best, and it’s one I started doing last year, is to put a jar on your desk and every time someone compliments you on your work, or something good happens in your life, write it on a piece of paper and put it in your jar. The idea is that all these positive reinforcements will slowly start to sink into your brain, until eventually you realise you’re actually good at what you do – that it wasn’t just luck you got where you are today.

I decorated mine and called it my “Believe” jar, you can see it below. Fill it with a whole year’s worth of compliments or successes then have an end-of-year reading party where you look at all the incredible moments again and see how amazing you really are. 🙂

Believe Jar, to remind you you're NOT, when you're feeling like an imposter!

Another way to rid yourself of Imposter Syndrome is to always accept a challenge, even if you fear you’re not up to it. This is something I always encourage you to do with your website too… don’t just let it sit there because you’re not sure what to do with it… just do something, even if you’re not sure what you’re doing to start with – nothing good ever comes from taking zero action.

That’s just one of the things I teach in my book, Cracking The Website Code, you can grab a copy from the link below.

What challenges are you having with your website? If you need any help knowing where to start with a particular task, just leave a comment and I’ll try to help.

Anyway, here’s to not feeling like an imposter, but believing in yourself instead!


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