My Automated Business Blueprint

My Automated Business Blueprint

(AKA How You Can Bring In Leads, Make Commissions AND Finally Get Your Failing Network Marketing Business Off The Ground. Simultaneously. On Autopilot.)

So you joined an online business in network marketing? Great!

Stop Wasting Time Start Making MoneyYour business was probably touted as such an amazing opportunity, with people making so much extra money out of it that you couldn’t resist getting in on it too, right?

If you were one of the lucky ones, you probably enjoyed an initial burst of success as you talked to friends & family and a few of them signed up for your fancy new product.

Or maybe not.

Which is why you’re here reading this now.

The problem you have is that you quickly run out of warm market leads to hustle (warm market = people you know), meaning that it quickly becomes increasingly difficult to find new leads who may want to join your business or buy your products.

So what do you do then?

You probably join a few Facebook groups, randomly posting your business link and a pretty picture, in the hope that someone will click on it and miraculously join you.

Unfortunately there are hundreds of links posted in these groups every hour, so yours rapidly gets lost in the sea of other desperate posts. No one ever sees it, let alone clicks on it.

So you need a more targeted approach, right?

The chances are you then start researching how to run paid adverts. If you’re paying for leads then they must be a sure fire way to get new sign ups, surely?

You try placing a couple of Facebook Ads or buying a Solo Ad or two but quickly realise that it’s damn expensive to do this, and when you joined your business the last thing you expected was to have to keep paying out more and more money. The objective is to MAKE money, right?

If you’re lucky enough that a couple of the leads you receive from your paid ads actually join your business, you’ve still probably paid out more for adverts than you’ve made in signing up this new associate or selling a few of your products.

Desperation sets in, you start to panic and you go one of two ways…

1. You quit, saying the product/company is no good and it was all a scam.

Or (less likely in most cases)…

2. You try to find another way to bring leads into your business AND make money simultaneously, all while still building your main business, so that you don’t go broke trying! And preferably on autopilot if you please!

Obviously I wouldn’t end the story here and say, “good luck with finding that other way”! That would just be mean!

I’m here to help and in a minute I will show you exactly what I am doing that fits that exact requirement, so that you can:

  • Get between 15 and 30 leads into your business every single day without having to pay for a single ad (that’s over 500 business leads a month, imagine how much THAT would cost in Facebook adverts!)
  • Stop wasting time hassling people, placing expensive adverts that don’t give you a good return 
  • Stop trying to juggle a hundred Facebook groups with very little response
  • Spend MUCH LESS time working on your business
  • Make more money while doing less work
  • Make better use of your time – heck, even go out and enjoy life for a change, while your business builds on autopilot – now there’s a concept!

So you’re now asking…

How can I do this?

If you’re impatient (I get it, time is money!) and just want the link to my lead bringing, making money on autopilot system, here it is, but what I really want you to do is read on, and let me explain WHY you need this and HOW, if you follow the simple steps that I lay out, that you can start to gain that freedom you first envisaged when you joined your business opportunity, and start living the life you want.

Here’s what I’m going to show you…

  • What you need to do to get set up to start bringing in those 15-30 leads every day (don’t worry it’s a one off and is easy peasy that even my almost 80 year old dad could probably do it!)
  • What you will do on a daily basis (it’s around 5 minutes work!)
  • How to maximise your income potential

The steps to do this are simple!

  • First go here, watch the video and create your free account by clicking on the ‘Sign In With Facebook’ button under the video.
  • Power Up by getting set up with all the affiliate links required. If you already have a blog, great! If not, get one set up – either use the Kalatu blog that comes with Empower Network or create a WordPress blog of your own. Kalatu is recommended as it gets ranked in Google easier.
  • Link up to 5 Facebook pages to your blog and watch the magic happen!
  • Get your autoresponder in place, I recommend
  • Every day – grab your free leads and import them into your list in GetResponse (you can get a free $30 credit by using my link here) and start emailing them about your preferred business opportunity! If you set up emails to go out automatically in an autoresponder sequence, you have zero work to do but import the leads!

By Powering up fully you will be receiving over 500 qualified business leads per month! PLUS you will be earning commissions when you refer people to join you in this amazing new automated blogging and lead-delivery system.

Congratulations, you are now building up a huge list of leads very quickly AND have the ability to promote whichever business you want them to join.

And the best bit… once your list grows to a decent size (a couple of thousand say), you can then start renting out your list to others and start selling Solo Ads.

And thus ends the cycle of paying out more than you’re getting in… 🙂

Don’t forget to get your free account here then power up to maximise your true potential!

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