Why You Should Use Post Planner To Increase Facebook Engagement

One of the first lines on the home page of the Post Planner site reads:


Well, who wouldn’t want that?!

I have been using Post Planner for just a week but I am already finding it a very easy tool to use. Not only easy but actually, pure genius! I am using it primarily to schedule posts for my Easy Tasty Clean Facebook page and also for my Janice Anita business Facebook page. The tool also has the ability to post to Twitter using either the same posts that you send to Facebook or a completely different stream of posts altogether.

The Post Planner interface is visually pleasing, meaning you can easily view your scheduled content to get a good overview of how your upcoming week will look on social media. You can also schedule some of your posts to be repeated at an interval of your choosing, so in this way you can plan content such as links to your products or to pages on your website once, then just set it to repeat.

You might think this sounds like some of the other post scheduling tools out there (SocialOomph, Mass Planner etc) but here’s where the difference lies… Post Planner will FIND RELEVANT, VIRAL CONTENT FOR YOU. Yes, it will find relevant content for you, based on a set of Facebook pages, blogs or Instagram hashtags or users you pre-define and it will deliver those suggestions based on how the posts in those feeds performed already.

Let me say that another way – you get the most viral posts shown to you, that are KNOWN to have been liked, shared or commented on hundreds or thousands of times already, all you have to do is click to add them to your schedule.

This is an example of the ‘Social Media’ content that it has found for me to use. Notice how it gives each post a star rating and shows the number of Likes and Shares – priceless information!


That is how to use Post Planner to increase Facebook engagement! Post popular items that are known to be winners and your audience is bound to love them.


Here’s how my Easy Tasty Clean Facebook schedule looks for the next few days. You can see I mixed in a set of blog posts, other people’s links, photos and text posts – you could say the perfect mix that Facebook will love you for. Give Facebook what it wants and it will show your content to more people!

Post Planner Planned Posts

And here’s how my Facebook page reach has improved over the last week (the graph below shows the past month and you can see what’s happened in the last week!).

Post Reach after using Post Planner

Impressive, don’t you think?!

Listen up though… a great tip that I will give you before you go and get yourself Post Planner and start scheduling the hell out of your page is this…

First, go to your Facebook page and look at your Insights. Click on ‘Posts’ and look at the little blue graph that shows you what times of day your followers are viewing your page the most. Make sure to schedule your posts for these times to ensure the highest engagement. Guess what times I’m posting out my content at… 😉


You can also look at the list of posts beneath that graph and click on the ‘Reach’ column heading – this will enable you to see the most popular types of posts that you have been getting engagement on, and the times of day that those posts went out. I bet you see a pattern, I know I did!

The last thing to mention is the price. It’s good news! It’s REALLY cheap! At only $7 a month (paying yearly) or $9 monthly, it’s an absolute steal. Most other post planners start at around $20 a month and go up steeply from there, this is a bargain.

With only 200,000 users using Post Planner up to now, wouldn’t it be nice to get in early and increase your Facebook engagement before the whole world cottons onto this?! And before Facebook once again changes its algorithms 😉

Enjoy using Post Planner, here’s the link to get it!

Let me know how it increases your Facebook engagement!


* The links to Post Planner in this post are affiliate links that I may earn a small commission off, however I NEVER recommend any products I don’t love myself. My views are always genuine and honest.

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