Fed Up Of Not Knowing How To Get Better Results From Your Website?

Are you sick of not knowing what to change on your site to maximise your results?

Do you sit for hours at the computer, tending to the smallest detail on your website, feeling frustrated and not really knowing whether it will even help your business move forwards?

Do you look at other websites and long for yours to ‘pop’ like they do?

Do you want to take your website to the next level by making sure it has all the features and functionality that the pros use, so that you can bring in more leads and sales on autopilot?

Introducing… Professional Website Reviews

As a professional website designer of 14 years and software developer of over 20, I want to help as many entrepreneurs and small business owners on the journey to enhanced website success as I possibly can.

I’ve spent years developing websites from scratch but only ever had the time to work my magic on one site or maybe two at once. But now I’ve finally figured out a way to help more people improve their sites more rapidly than ever.

When you order one of my Website Review packages, I will look at your website and give you my professional opinion on what you could do differently or in addition to what you already have, to help bring you more leads or sales, to make it look more visually appealing or to help your customers enjoy an improved visitor experience.

I know setting up a website can cost a little money in the first place, especially if you’ve already paid a professional to set it up for you and even more so if you’ve had to go back when things weren’t quite right.

What I want to do is empower you to take your site into your own hands once and for all, to take advice and learn from a professional who has not only a web design background but also someone with a solid foundation in marketing. By combining these skills, I can give you the ultimate review of your site that will give you an action plan and the knowledge to take your site up a notch.

I know the thought of someone poking around your website, looking for flaws probably feels a bit scary, like it’s leaving you open to criticism, but without being open you will never allow yourself and your website to grow. Scary is sometimes good in the long run!

You may already have questions in mind such as, “How can I get more people on my mailing list?”, or “Why are more people not buying my stuff?”, and that’s great. When you purchase the Professional Website Review, you can ask me specific questions and I will concentrate my efforts on getting you solutions and answers to your exact concerns.

The Professional Website Review Service is tailored to three specific levels of service…

The Silver Review allows me to look at your website from a visitor point of view. I’ll tell you the areas you need to focus on to capture more of those visitors and turn them into subscribers or buyers. I’ll let you know what’s potentially not working in terms of navigating the site, why visitors might not be hanging around and how your user interface comes across. I’ll also give you plenty of suggestions of what you might want to do to solve these potential issues. I will provide your Silver Review report within 7 days of payment.

The Gold Review takes things one giant step further and I will login to your WordPress website’s admin panel (you will need to make me an admin user but you can delete me afterwards). In this review I will do everything in the Silver review but also give you a full report on what things need attention on the back end. Everything from security, plugins, functionality, SEO, configuration and everything the admin panel encompasses will be scrutinised. This will give you a complete picture of where your website is at in relation to how it would be set up by a professional and again I will give you a full report detailing all my findings and suggestions. I will provide your Gold Review reports within 14 days of payment.

The Platinum Review is the ultimate Done-For-You solution. I will complete everything in the Silver and Gold Reviews for you then we will go through my reports together, picking out the ideas that you would like to implement. Once agreed, I will then make all these changes for you, relieving you of the headache of having to figure out what exactly you need to do and how to go about it. The Platinum Review is perfect for those with no interest in learning any more techy stuff, who just want it done and dusted. I would aim to complete the changes for you within 28 days of payment.

How To Order A Review

I don’t always accept applications for website reviews. The way it works is this…

Fill in the form below, telling me a little bit about the aims of your site, what issues you’re having with it and what you feel are the areas that you need help with. Before accepting your application and requesting payment, I will take a quick look at your site and if I honestly don’t feel you would benefit from my help, I will tell you so that you don’t waste your money.

If I believe I can truly help you improve your site, I will send you a PayPal payment request, then we can begin the review in earnest.

Is This Just For WordPress Websites?

The Silver review could be performed for any type of website, as it does not require my WordPress expertise.

However, the Gold and Platinum services can only be ordered if your website is a WordPress site and hosted on your own domain (not a WordPress.com free blog).

Of course I have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you implement what I suggest and don’t feel you have gained anything from it, just let me know and I’ll send all your money right back, no hard feelings. To qualify for the money back guarantee you MUST have implemented the changes I suggest within 21 days of receiving the report and be able to prove you have had no positive results from making those changes by Day 60. You can do this by showing me your website changes, your Google Analytics and any other evidence-based information you have.

But I’m so confident that my advice will spur you into the sort of action that will not only make your site look better, work better, be safer and more secure, but I’m certain that, if taken seriously, my suggestions could give your site and your success a real kick start.

I will keep up my end of the bargain if you keep up yours. By ordering a Website Review you must be:

  • Able to take constructive criticism and not take it personally – I only want to help
  • Willing to put in some work to implement any changes or suggestions I make. If you choose to ignore my advice that’s totally your prerogative but I won’t give refunds unless you put in the work and can prove you’ve tried out my suggestions.
  • Willing to work with me and try new things I suggest.

That’s it. I look forward to working with you and taking your website and your business to the next level!

Get started by choosing a package, then fill in the form below.

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