Why I Use Divi Theme On 95% Of My Website Designs

There’s no doubt that Divi is becoming the go-to theme for many web designers and also for individuals new to website creation, due to a few key factors. Since mid-2015, I’ve used the Divi theme on 95% of all the websites I’ve designed, but why is this?

Below, I take a step back and look at the reasons I use Divi so prolifically.

1. The Divi Builder Makes Designing And Editing Pages A Joy

Now available in both back-end and front-end versions, the Divi Builder provides a visual take on your web page as you design them, leaving less to chance in terms of layout and design glitches.

The Divi front-end builder was released in September 2016 and makes the already fantastic Divi Builder even more flexible.

Previously, you would use the Divi Builder to design your page with a set of modules, then you would preview the page and if it looked good, you would Publish or Update it.

But now, the Front-End Visual editor means that you no longer have to leave your web page to edit it. You can alter text, change images, move sections around, alter and preview the tablet and mobile versions of the page, and see everything instantly, right at the moment you edit it, meaning no more edit-preview-update-repeat cycle.

If you’re new to using Front-End page builders, this video shows how Divi makes editing your pages a breeze, in under 3 minutes:

2. Divi Offers A Huge Range Of Module Types

When you choose a WordPress theme, you need to make sure it can handle all the types of design element and functionality you need, whether that be video integration, pricing tables, image galleries, testimonial blocks or whatever your ambitions for your site stretch to.

Divi ticks all your wishlist items by including modules for all of the above and many, many more. From the simplest of text or image modules to the more sophisticated full-width sliders, filterable portfolios or trendy bar sliders, Divi has it all.

Here is a quick look at all the module types you can easily and quickly implement with Divi. Impressive!

Divi Module Types

3. Flexible Layouts

As well as the wide range of modules to build your web pages with, Divi also offers many ready-made layouts you can call up in a single click. So if you want to create a sales page, just call up the sales page layout, if you want a contact page, just load the layout and it’s ready to pop your email address into, if you’re looking to display a portfolio of images, again just load your preferred ready-made layout and you’re half way there. The possibilities are endless, and each of the pre-made layouts can then be changed, added to and messed around with to your heart’s content until it’s the perfect layout for you.

On the Elegant Themes website (the creators of Divi), there are samples of all the pre-made layouts and modules that Divi offers, you can check them out here.

4. Easily Accessed Styling Options

If there’s one thing that puts most newcomers off starting a website, it’s the thought that they might have to know some ‘code’. With WordPress, you don’t need to access the underlying code of your website 99% of the time but if you want to customise the styles or layouts of your site, then you will probably have to learn some basic CSS (Cascading Style Sheet – a way to define the style of the elements on your page).

But, Divi gets around most of the need for additional CSS because of the many options it provides within each of the module types.

For example, in the Image module, you can say what size and colour of border you want around your picture, whether you want an overlay and/or icon over the picture to help visitors see that they can click on it, and what amount of padding (blank space) you want around the image. And all this is done without the need for any CSS code, which is a major win for non-techy people who just want their website to look good!

Here’s an example of some of the settings you can apply to an image, you can use as many or as few of them as you feel necessary. And the great thing is that if you use the Divi Visual Builder, you can see any changes as you work, so you need never be afraid of altering something and not knowing exactly what it does – you have instant feedback.

Divi Image Module Settings

5. Global Library Items

One feature of the Divi Builder that I absolutely love is the ability to save an individual item on a page or a whole section of a page as a global library item.

What is a global library item? Say you’ve got a dozen web pages and you want to have the same block of text, an image and a button in the same configuration on each of those pages. Normally, you’d have to insert that same bit of text, the image and the button into each page and style them all to match.

But what if you then decide you don’t want a yellow button, you want an orange one? Then you’d have to go back to each page that button is on and edit the styling.

Well not with Divi’s global library items! Divi allows you to save either a single item, a whole section of a page or even the whole page itself as a global library item, which means that if you insert the same item into every page, you only need change the item once for the change to be reflected across all the pages containing that item. Clever and  time-saving!

Here’s an example of a global section I have defined on one of my websites – globally available items are shown in green so you can easily identify your define-once-change-all-occurrences items.

Divi Global Items

6. Ability To Export Page Layouts To Use Again

The ability to reuse page layouts on other websites (or on the same site) is of great benefit, as it means you no longer have to start from scratch every time you want to create a new page in a similar layout to another one.

Divi allows exporting of page layouts into what are known as JSON files – these can then be imported into another website and used as a template for a new page elsewhere.

This feature is especially useful for pages such as lead generation pages or coming soon pages – these types of pages often follow a common format so once you’ve created a nice layout once, simply save it as a library item and export it for use again and again.

Like any of my page layouts? Just email me and I’ll send you the .json export file to use on your site 🙂

7. Quality Child Themes Available

If you’ve not much in the way of design skills and would prefer to have someone create a beautiful overall style for your website for you, there are many Divi child themes on offer. A child theme has lots of specific styling and pre-defined page layouts included, which can save you the headache of trying to dream up your ideal site.

A Divi child theme is easy to implement – simply upload the Divi theme to your site first, then upload the child theme and activate it. All the standard Divi updates will be permeated through your site but you will continue to keep the extra styling and design of the child theme. It’s the ultimate win-win.

If you want to look into child themes to use on top of your Divi installation, try this site for some great-looking options at very reasonable prices.

8. Regular Updates And New Features

Elegant Themes, the creators of Divi and the many other themes included in the bundle, are always improving and updating their offerings, especially where Divi is concerned. Divi is their flagship theme and seems to have the most development time dedicated to it, which is great news for us users. New features are being rolled out every few months, such as the new Visual Builder, and with 351,380 users of their themes and plugins, I’ve no worries that Elegant Themes are going anywhere soon.

New features are being rolled out every few months, such as the new Visual Builder, and with 351,380 users of their themes and plugins, I’ve no worries that Elegant Themes are going anywhere soon.

9. Lifetime Licence Means No Additional Costs, Ever

Although the Elegant Themes suite of 87 themes is available for one low annual price of just $69 (or $89 if you want access to all their plugins too, including email opt-in forms and social sharing options, which I use and can highly recommend), they also have a lifetime licence deal, which means that you are covered for all future updates, new themes and plugins, and extra features such as those rolled out recently, PLUS you can use your licence on as many sites as you wish.

When I joined Elegant Themes, I wasn’t aware how amazing they’d turn out to be so I started with the Developer licence, but as the months went by, I realised I would use their themes over and over, so I upgraded to lifetime licence just before my first year ended, just by paying the difference.

Divi WordPress Theme

Ready to get started with the power of Divi on your website?

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