Ever wished there was a content creation shortcut button?

Well, actually there is.

I imagine you have some sort of visual identity you like to carry through your website – your blog posts usually follow the same format and you have a handful of page layouts you like to use over and over because they just work for you.

Well, now you don’t have to design new pages or posts for your site from scratch anymore – the handy little Duplicate Post WordPress plugin allows you to take an exact copy of any existing page or post, and start working on it as a draft right away.

The plugin copies all your settings including layout, post category, SEO, formatting, pictures and so on. No more fiddling for hours trying to design the best layout, font settings or picture positions. Now all you have to do is give it a new title, replace the text and pictures, update the SEO and hit publish.

A great application of this tool comes when you want to create multiple landing pages for your website. Maybe you want to test out different headlines or gauge the reaction to alternative images on the page. Or maybe you simply have a new offer you want to create an opt-in page for, and you like how your current opt-in page is performing so you’d like to copy it. With Duplicate Post, you can simply create a clone of the page, change your headline or picture and hit publish.

Here are the steps to content creation shortcut heaven:


Step 1 – Install The Plugin

In your WordPress Plugins area, click Add New then type Duplicate Post into the search field and hit return.

Look for the plugin that has the following icon and details and click Install Now. It will probably be the first in the results as it is hugely popular, with over a million active installations.

Once it has been installed, click the Activate option and it’s ready to use.

Step 2 – Check Settings

Now your plugin is installed, go to the Settings option for it and check what you want to be copied to your new page or post when you make a clone. I would advise adding a suffix to the page/post title, so you’re clear which is the copy. I used the suffix (DUPLICATE) in my settings here.

You may also want to tick the Author option if you are an administrator that has other people registered on the site as authors who are also writing posts. This will enable them to use the cloning feature too.

Step 3 – Clone Your Page Or Post

Go to your list of Pages or Posts, depending on what you want to make a copy of, and look under each title – you will see a new option called Clone.

Click this option and you will immediately see a new post of the same name with your Prefix or Suffix if you entered one in the plugin Settings.

Step 4 – Edit Your Page Or Post

Click Edit to see your new draft page or post. Change what you need to and Publish in the normal manner. Don’t forget to change that title to reflect your new content!

I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial and you can make use of the plugin.

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Let me know your favourite content creation shortcuts by leaving a comment below.

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