If you ever want to place adverts on Facebook, you will benefit from cheaper leads if you have a highly targeted audience.

And what better way than to market to people who you know have already visited your website?

The Facebook Pixel Insert Plugin enables you to insert Facebook’s Pixel code onto all your website pages without having to add a custom entry in your website’s header.php code.

This means that anyone who visits your website from now on can be marketed to directly from a Facebook advert, and because you know they’ve already visited, you’re more likely to get cheaper leads because they are already potentially interested in your website and what you have to offer.


Simply add this free plugin with 2 clicks then paste in Facebook’s Pixel code. Done.

How To Install And Use The Plugin

Firstly, download this free plugin by signing up for the bonus package on this page. Once the zip file is saved to your computer, you’ll need to install in on your website.

From your WordPress dashboard, click on Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin.

Click the “Choose file” option to browse your computer for the file called wp_facebook_pixel.zip

Click “Install Now” and wait for the success message.

Now click on the Facebook Pixel plugin options in your WordPress dashboard on the left hand side.

At the bottom you will see “Click HERE if you need to get your Facebook pixel code”.

Click to go to Facebook Ads Manager – make sure you are logged on as the account you will later place adverts with.

In Facebook, click on Tools -> Pixels and make sure you have the Facebook Pixel option on the left underlined in blue.

Click it if the underline is beneath Conversion Tracking Pixel (old) – you do not want to use this one as it is being phased out in 2016.

Click Actions -> View pixel code then copy and paste the text in the pop-up box back into your WordPress plugin settings.

Click Update Code And Save and your Facebook tracking pixel is installed and already collecting data!

In a couple of days, go back to Facebook Ads Manager and check in the same area for the pixel – see how many website visitors it has picked up by looking at the graph.

Now, when you next come to place a Facebook Advert, you can potentially use the visitors you have collected from your website as the target audience.

And you didn’t pay a penny for them 🙂

I hope you enjoy this free plugin, please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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