Hi, I’m Janice Cumberlidge

I’ve been designing websites for around 15 years, above are a few samples of my work.

I work with entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them get online fast, and to create a website that not only looks good, but actually achieves the pre-defined goals for the business too.

Designing websites is so much more than creating pretty pages with beautiful images, it’s about how you incorporate functionality and psychological cues to make your visitors want to stay browsing, sign up for whatever you have on offer and of course, buy from you.

Without my more recent obsession with marketing and copywriting, I wouldn’t be able to create sites that convert so well. And that’s good news for you if you apply to work with me.

Below you’ll find details of all the services that I offer, please contact me if you have any questions.


Are you sick of not knowing what to change on your site to maximise your results?

Do you sit for hours at the computer, tending to the smallest detail on your website, feeling frustrated and not really knowing whether it will even help your business move forwards?

Do you look at other websites and long for yours to ‘pop’ like they do?

Do you want to take your website to the next level by making sure it has all the features and functionality that the pros use, so that you can bring in more leads and sales on autopilot?

If any of the above ring true with you, you need a professional website review. Click to learn more.


Do you need a website creating for yourself or for your business?

I can work with you to design you that perfect website you dream of.

We’ll talk through your short and longer term goals, define who your target audience is and what the objectives for your website are.

With all this information, I will give you a quote and then we can proceed in getting you online.

Please fill in the contact details below and let me know how I can help.

“We didn’t even know how to start a website! Teaching us the ins and outs of blogs and optimization, understanding how to look at the analytics and the structure and layout of the site was priceless. We learned how to use the numbers to help grow our market. We also learned we cannot do this on our own and it was a great decision to have a professional like you do it for us. Making us the YouTube videos on how to use WordPress and how to write and optimize the blogs was the very best and I still refer to them.

You were willing to be very available and patient with us. You made all efforts to listen to our questions and understand them. Even if they were rudimentary for you, you always treated us with respect. You go above and beyond our expectations anytime the call of duty arises. Also, you send us tips and give us tools like Easy VSL that to continue to help us, instead of trying to get us to hire you!

I think that the biggest problem is that people try and do it all themselves, lol. We didn’t event know how to find a platform for a website let alone know how to format it. I also did not know I couldn’t use any picture I found on the internet. I learned about the public ones from you!”

Lesley Fahey

Business Owner, Seed Supplements

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